Website Design Questionnaire & Website Planner

Completing this document will help us understand your project requirements.

It will also serve as a website planner to walk you through the process of articulating your needs.

Please just skip any question that you don’t feel is relevant to this project.

Client Contact Information

Full Name (required)



Email address (required)

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Billing address

Project Information


Do you have a domain name registered?

If so, what is it?


Do you currently have web hosting?
If "yes": Who is the host?

If "no":Would you like a hosting recommendation?


Is there a date when the project needs to be completed? (e.g.: art opening, product launch, year-end budget.)


What is the budget range for this project? An idea of your budget will help us adapt our approach to respects your constraints.


Do you already have a logo?
If "no": Do you want us to design logo for you?
If "yes": Please describe your logo.

Do you already have corporate colors?
If "yes": Please provide information on your branding colors in field bellow.
If "no": Please pick desired colors and put them in field bellow in a format #123456.

Your Website Goals& Objectives

What purpose would you like your website to serve?
Establish a Web presence for our companyGenerate requests for services/productsCreate an online portfolio of your workEducationalOnline communityOnline store to sell productsProvide customer service/information to our clients

Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – i.e. ranking well in Google - an important objective for your website project?
Yes!It would be nice to rank well but isn’t main goalNo, I just want a site for existing clients or those I give my card to

If you have a current website please answer…

What are your reasons for a redesign/rebuild?

Tell me what you like about your existing website. What’s working?

What are some key areas that need improvement?

Do you want to keep the same content or rework it?

Planning your website

It can be hard to know where to start when planning a website.
Here are a couple guidelines you may find useful as you consider your website structure, page elements and prepare content.

Approximately how many pages will the site have? (required)

Do you want a custom design, or a template? (required)

How many different page layouts will you need?(required) (e.g.: home page, pages with sidebar, full-width page, etc.)

Please list any features you would like. (e.g.: blog, multiple authors, shopping cart, PayPal buttons, event calendar, etc.)

If this is an online store, what shopping cart solution will you be using?
osCommerce?WordPressWPOnlineStore?WordPressWooCommerce?Custom made shopping cart

If you will be processing online payments:
How many products?

Do you need to charge tax?
Are you selling digital downloads?
What method of shipping are you using? (e.g.: USPS / Postal Service? Courier? Shipping by Weight?)

How will you accept payments? PayPal or another payment gateway?

Do you intend to write most of the page content yourself or do you require us to do that for you?
Yes – content is in our existing WordPress siteYes – we’re copying from our existing site (not WordPress)Yes – we have prepared Word documents for each pageNo –when will the content be ready?

Are you interested in professional SEO copywriting services?

Do you have photos, graphics, artwork?
YesI’ll need help sourcing stock images

Will the site include video?
Yes (if it’s on YouTube or Vimeo please provide a link)No
If "yes" please provide links for videos

Do you intend to update the website content yourself or will you need ongoing updates by us?

Any aditional information that you have related to your website project?

Are you human?